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Daily people spend much time in different kind of buildings. Of schools, office environments, shops, supermarkets to hotels, restaurants and industrial environments. Light is very essential for the well-being and functioning of people. Therefor it is important that every space will be illuminated with great care.

Emilux luminaires are specifically developed and produced from the idea that the welfare of people is central. That’s why we only use robust materials and high-quality electronics components. The versatility in the range of Emilux makes it possible that every space and building custom lighting can be.


Emilux offers you as a construction company, contractor, architect or engineer:
· Flexibility in customization
· Wide choice
· Good service
· Fast delivery
· Affordable Excellence


Would you like to visit our lighting studio in Almelo? We are located very close to the border with Germany.

You are welcome to make an appointment with our lighting specialists. We look forward to welcome you.